A flexible, long-term vehicle with an investment capacity of €250M.


MAIF Avenir is an early-stage venture capital company that is both socially and environmentally engaged and civic-minded. It accompanies technological organizations on their mission.

Highly demanding benevolence.

Our goal is to build, over the long term, a straightforward honest discourse and impeccable ethics, by ensuring that our common interests are aligned


Whether we invest as a lead or co-lead investor, we favor simplicity and support, and can invest up to €10 million.

Investment thesis

Technology for a sustainable value creation.

Our preference for long term logic leads us to favor investments in positive and sustainable technological innovations.

The audiences we wish to support

Strenghtening organizations.

Helping companies develop their independence, improve their delivery capacity and make their organization more lean.

Empowering people.

Improving people's lives, making their personal and professional projects possible.

Encouraging engagement for a sustainable collective progress.

Promoting models that place social, societal and environmental issues at the heart of their identity.

Our investment areas.

  • Climate Tech
  • Future of Work
  • Digital Health
  • Responsible consumption
  • Ethical data
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MAIF Avenir, the first Venture Capital fund to adopt "Société à Mission" status.

MAIF Avenir, the first French venture capital fund to become a mission-driven company, continues to deepen its engagement by making the search for a positive social and environmental impact a priority in the consideration of corporate performance.

What we believe in