Behind our philosophy, committed people.

We share the desire to do our job as investors differently, with a focus on long-term economic performance, making sure we seek a broader performance, the best alignment of interests with our stakeholders, startup founders and employees, co-investors and partners of the ecosystem.

Our team shares a passion about innovation and new business models, particularly those that place the emancipation of people and organizations at the heart of their project. We cultivate a sense of community, a caring attitude, and a willingness to understand and integrate our partners’ objectives with a positive and constructive attitude, always with a high level of professionalism and high standards.

We make our investment decisions in a collegial manner, making sure every contradictory opinion is heard and with the involvement of each member of the team.

We are driven by the conviction that new technologies can and must contribute to the common good and that the investment profession must allow the emergence and development of new companies that meet the challenges of our time.